Halloween Greetings

Greetings my boorific friends

It’s that time again, time for Halloween.  This year I’d like to do something new; I’d like to send out Halloween greeting cards.

Pictured above, spookily so I hope, is what one type of card looks like. I’ve got about 16 on hand and would love to send all of them out before next week.

What can you do to help? Just contact me via email, Twitter DM, a phone call, or even smoke signs if you know them.  Just leave me an address, name, and mention Halloween.

Don’t think of the 16 as a limit but more of a first come first serve window.  I promise to buy more if I get addresses for the first batch by the weekend.  The latest I’d like to send them out is with Monday’s mail.

Also, don’t be a stranger.  Never chatted with me before but still would like a card? Drop me a line and get a personalized greeting from me, Todd/Tojosan/Tojo.

As an added challenge for myself, I won’t be tweeting this in public. Just here on the blog and telling a few select folks directly.  Take it as a sign if you find this post that you should ask for a card.

If you don’t celebrate Halloween in anyway but would like me to drop you a note, I’ll send you out a St. Louis postcard instead.  Just mention postcard when you contact me.

Good night and may this Fall be full of festival and cheer.