Honor, Duty, eMail: 7th Annual Holiday Love Project for our Troops

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From: Honor, Duty, eMail: 7th Annual Holiday Love Project for our Troops:
“Each year we send holiday cards to our troops for Christmas and Hanukah. This year’s project starts October 13th and ends December 1st to ensure that all cards and letters can be shipped to meet the holiday deadlines. Mail your holiday cards for our troops to us and we’ll ship them to our military in time for the holidays!”

It’s that time of year again. Time to let those in our lives know we care. Not only those close at home need reminders, but those abroad as well. That includes our military brothers, sisters, fathers, and children.

eMailOurMilitary.com is sponsoring their annual Holiday Love Project. People like you and I, and our families and friends get a chance to directly inspire and support our US Military.

This project has many plusses for the wanting to avoid the usual politics surrounding the troops. It’s about sending cards, letters, banners, posters and more just to say Happy Holidays. It’s a chance to show respect and concern without taking sides on wars and military actions. It’s about people.

I encourage you to take a few minutes out and follow the simple instructions on the eMailOurMilitary site. Just write a short note, a holiday wish, or even some hand drawn art on a postcard or letter. Put that in an a mailer envelope and send it on.

To get started or to share about this fun and encouraging project, check out the eMailOurMiliary 7th Annual Holiday Love Project.