Stop the Twitter train and let me off

For my own posterity: If I am following you right now and if you have applications and bots running like Qwitter, you will shortly see a message that I will unfollow you, for I’m about to pay $25 to SocialToo for the service of unfollowing all my friends. It’s your prerogative, of course, to reciprocally unfollow me. In fact, you may have services set up to unfollow your unfollowers.

Once my Twitter friend level is down to zero, I can focus on following those who provide value to me–and so I can share that value to you. Ultimately, while I remain collecting unemployment and am only part-time employed, my first priority is to use Twitter as a professional networking and collaborating tool, and second as a social chit-chat tool. On that note, here I am on Facebook.

That lengthy quote sums up one man’s take on dealing with Twitter overload.  Ari Herzog is giving up following everyone, or just about.  His strategy is sound even if it seems harsh and unforgiving.

If you’ve been an avid follower of his, and he you, you were likely notified of his recent unfollow.  This isn’t because you’re a bad person, your tweets suck, or your avatar is ugly.  It’s all about focus.

Ari is trying to bring increased value to his Twitter stream.  Some portion of that value is derived from the social aspects; “my first priority is to use Twitter as a professional networking and collaborating tool,” says Ari though.

Could I do the same? Probably not. My primary focus isn’t about earning more dollars, finding a new job, or becoming the #1 source of anything in particular.  For Ari though, this begins a reboot of his Twitter experience, and for us, those that follow him, a change in how he contributes to our stream.

Asked how he intends to keep up and know when to add people back to follow, Ari shared this:
Ari Herzog, @ariherzog, answers how he'll find folks to follow on Twitter

And that my friends is sound advice for us all. You can’t follow every tweet of every person that might by some chance be relevant, but you can follow tweets that are relevant by using groups and searching. Try a Twitter client today that allows both or either.

Will you be unfollowing folks because of this? Do you think his idea is solid? Is he going to go back and end up following thousands again? What about you?