Girls Guide to the Galaxy Relaunch Party


Galactic babes in leather outfits will be zapping us with … oh wait, this isn’t Leather Goddesses of Phobos is it?

Girls Guide to the Galaxy has relaunched and it’s taking off as the go to spot for advice, news, and more for the modern woman. Transitioned from a single author blog to a bevy of women, its got a new attitude. Girls Guide is spicier, funnier and more likely to raise your eyebrows than most blogs for or by women. Cheers ladies.

The team is having a relaunch and kick off party in June. They’ve chose the Royale, a well known pub in St. Louis. There’ll be a DJ, free stuff, and of course the staff from Girls Guide to the Galaxy. Don’t tell anyone but that includes a token guy.

RSVP today by visiting the relaunch party article and clicking the RSVP link.
Shortcut to the RSVP on Eventbrite.

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