TwIsTeD – Recycled Upcycled Jewelry

Upcycle and Upscale Beauties

TwIsTeD is a heart and Earth conscious driven company. The brainchild of Courtney, TwIsTeD is all about jewelry crafted telephone and data wire.

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more adorn the site. Black and white, orange and brown, and other great combinations are available, but even better she’ll customize a set for you.

Shown above are two sets of bracelets. The set on the left is the TwIsTeD Distance Gift Set. The set on the right, the TwIsTeD Midnight Gift Set. Bracelets often come grouped in color sets, but as mentioned above, Courtney will customize.

She’s a beautiful person who manages to share that with us through her work. One more bit of praise beyond that though. Beyond finding something cool inside the packaging it’s sent in.


Be sure to share your TwIsTeD stories, pictures, and suggestions.


  1. [...] 1) The photo is of packaging materials for an order we received from TwIsTed. See my recent TwIsTeD review. [...]