Twitter Replies Get New Life

Earlier today I wrote about the death of the Twitter @reply. It seems that the rally of #fixreplies has been heard. Twitter is giving us back visibility to @replies. Sort of.

Here’s some of what the Twitter blog had to say -

This morning we received lots of great info about the replies setting we changed yesterday. Folks loved this feature because it allowed them to discover new people and participate serendipitously in various conversations. The problem with the setting was that it didn’t scale and even if we rebuilt it, the feature was blunt. It was confusing and caused a sense of inconsistency. We felt we could do much better.

They are going to do two things to remedy the storm they caused earlier -

  • So here’s what we’re planning to do. First, we’re making a change such that any updates beginning with @username (that are not explicitly created by clicking on the reply icon) will be seen by everyone following that account.
  • Second, we’ve started designing a new feature which will give folks far more control over what they see from the accounts they follow. This will be a per-user setting…

I sense this conversation isn’t over, but this sounds a lot more reasonable than goodbye reply. What’s your take?