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Hey, it was 4th of July weekend, it was a Friday night, and there was no parking. Still had a turn out of 19 folks that signed in and several more that didn’t.  Some of the non tweeting folks opted not to sign in along with some that were new.

The event, hosted by @Rex7 and @Prebynski, was billed as the Largest Tweetup in St. Louis.  They were shooting for the Guinness Book of World Records. Let’s just say this event probably didn’t make it.  Was it waste? I don’t think so.

When first asked by Punching Kitty I was a little shy about panning this event as a big plus for St. Louis. After a couple of days to process, my take is definitely improved. This event will definitely lead to social networking growth for the local scene.

Any tweetup that doesn’t end with bad vibes adds to the momentum and the interactions.

People are talking about it.  Good or bad, it’s conversation that wasn’t happening before.  Some folks are even taking sides for or against Rex and Brandon.

Newbies were given a chance to meet and great with some of the more seasoned folks in social networking, at least in St. Louis.  People doubled their connections with individuals they’d actually gotten to meet in person.  A couple of folks are going to start blogging and now have some new friends to ask for help.

Another venue has been introduced to a tweetup.  This is big.  Once social networking meetups become part of the everyday conversation, it spreads like wildfire.

Did I come away doting over Rex and Brandon? Heck no; they’re just guys.  They bet big and didn’t totally go broke. That’s a win in social networking circles.

Should we be calling them out as hosting a flop? Yeah, sure for a few minutes. They deserve a bit of rib jabbing this go round.  Maybe next time they’ll talk less and do more.  If we beat them down now though, we don’t add any value.

Rex took time out to share follow up comments with the St. Louis Social Media Report.

Rex and Brandon, guys, let’s agree that in between now and the next event that you two will make some serious inroads into the local social networking groups. Also, I challenge you guys to drop some followers and follows between now and the next time we meet. Go ahead. I promise it won’t hurt.

For the record, I’m tojosan on Twitter.

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