Robyns Online World Online Power Mom Robyn Wright Interview

I found this fascinating quote today:

This is an interview with Robyn Wright who didn’t mention that she was voted one of Nielson’s 50 Online Power Moms. Robyn is active on Twitter and Facebook and writes many product reviews on her blog. She has embarked on a new journey coming out  from behind her avatar of a hand on a keyboard to showing photos of herself and now making videos. It’s nice to see the real her that so many have come to enjoy reading about on her blog. Learn some more about, Robyns Online World Online Power Mom Robyn Wright Interview, Oct 2009

You should read the whole article.

Robyn, a fellow St. Louis area blogger, is both an online and offline friend.  She’s one of the most fun bloggers I know, local or not.  Her blog, Robyn’s Online World, is not just give aways, and good ones, but gives us an inside track on her world.

Robyn may not brag, but she’s got plenty of reason to be interviewed. She’s a prolific blogger. She networks both on various social networks online, but also connects by phone, email, and in person with both individuals and companies. 

She recently was selected to join EA for their big Spore event. As a follow up she had some Spore goodies to give away as well.

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