Merry Christmas 2009


Merry Christmas friends, loyal readers, and those just dropping by. It’s been an amazing year full of life and it’s trappings and even a couple of deaths. There have been tumor scares, shrink visits, and disease. This year found me making donations, bailing people out and falling out at a very nice Christmas bonus.  That after worrying if I’d have my job through till the end of the year.

Life has its ups and downs. It is and always has been a mixed bag. Each day a chance to win the lottery or pass onto your final resting place. This year though, all things considered, I consider myself and my family blessed.

Blessed for me has taken on a whole new meaning for me this year. In the past, I considered it a great year if no one died AND I got a big raise and a bonus. Oh, on individual days I felt blessed but just as many days I felt cursed or beat up on.  Often felt like I was ready to go to my final resting place and save the world the trouble.

Don’t ask me what brought on the change. It wasn’t a smack in the face experience. There was no come to Jesus moment or words from a friend. Can’t even blame one of those killer hangovers either.

Blessed is no longer something that’s dependent on circumstances. It’s become about realizing my life is a blessing as well as the life that awaits. Both are immense blessings. Along with that I’ve taken ownership of the fact that life isn’t supposed to be perfect, great, full of wealth, free of fear.

Life is meant to be a rough and tumble ride. Sometimes slow. Sometimes at breakneck speeds. I’m going to fall, family members will suffer, but the next day will bring joy to make my heart burst.

I’m no Peter, a master of contentment in all circumstances. Far from it, but this quote has a lot power for me these days.

At the end of my life I don’t want to pass quietly into the night. I want to slide in sideways kicking and screaming “WOW What An Awesome Ride!”

I didn’t want a boring ride anyway; do you?  Heck, I want to take it up a notch this year.  Likely that means those little bumps are going to hit harder and the dips will bottom out rougher but the highs will be shout worthy.

Hope this little Christmas rant hasn’t left you too bored or depressed. I’m happy and celebrating as this year wraps up.  I want to share a few things with you though; some Christmas links from my Twitter family.

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