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Hilary M., Fiesta Agent of the Ford Fiesta Movement
Twitter announced they are upping the anti on geo-tagging tweets.

    Twitter has acquired Mixer Labs, creators of GeoAPI ( As
    Ev just said over on our main blog (, the team from
    Mixer Labs will be joining Twitter. We’re currently looking at how to
    integrate the work Mixer Labs has done with the Twitter Platform to provide
    powerful new possibilities.

Tagging your tweets isn’t really happening yet.  You’re stuck with the location coming from your actual Twitter profile location.  Currently you’d need to change your location and then tweet.

Mixer’s tech and talent is going to bring a chance to send it with the tweet instead of defaulting to the profile.  Will this kill services such as foursquare where folks tweet via reporting their location or will provide even better service?

My predication is it will really open up on the smart phone Twitter clients.  Imagine iphone or Blackberry GPS integration. Bam!

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