31 Days of iPad Day 1

Unlike some of you, I didn’t need to stand online to purchase mine. Hitting a Best Buy late in the day allowed me to walk in, ask for it and be out of there in 15 minutes.

Unboxing was saved for Sunday. Packing was a bit underdone compared other Apple products i’ve purchased but was straightforward and easy to open. Included were the wall charger and the USB connector.

Starting it up prompted me to connect the iPad to the computer. Hooking it up via USB to the MacBook Pro kickstarted iTunes, prompting me to register.

Syncing happened next but got a bit out of hand. I’d unwisely assumed that my iPod Touch settings would be used for the iPad; they were not.

The sync immediately began loading all the music and all else it could sync. Stopping that evolution and swapping the settings got it on track. After that the sync went quickly. Upon completing the sync, the iPad prompted me to update applications.

Updating completed and I was pleased to find several apps had their iPad version installed. This made jumping in a lot quicker.

First Day Apps

  • NPR for the iPad – like reading an interactive newspaper, minus the ink
  • ABC app – lots of ABC station goodness, including full episodes and more
  • USA Today app – lots of article, no registration and no cost
  • Kindle app – finished reading a book on this. Synced automatically.
  • Yahoo Entertainment – tv listings and more, again free.

The video above is my unboxing video. ¬†You’ll see no app demos in it. Those will come later.

So much for day 1. Share your best iPad videos, pictures, and commentary.

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