31 Days of iPad Day 10

Bubble Pop Challenge - girls playing on iPod Touch and iPad

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Playing on the iPod is fun. I won’t deny it. Tonight’s post isn’t about that though.

Movie watching fits the iPad

Watching that first movie was both work and engaging. First the iPad seemed perfect. It’s got a great screen. The proportions work well.  Interface use is dead simple.

Details of my iPad movie viewing

Movie: Moon – sci-fi drama set in the future and set on the Moon.

Source: Netflix – watch instantly

How watched: viewed in landscape mode. Bigger that way.


  • holding it – at first I was enjoying holding it.  It wears on you though. Best to prop it up or have a case that acts as a stand
  • glare – without remaining stationary it was hard to account for the glare. Best not to watch it outside.
  • Netflix has slight glitch on load.


  • quality – streaming movie quality was much better than I expected. Sound included.
  • take anywhere – unlike my laptop, I could actually cradle this is if I wanted to. Easier to take to bed.
  • easy to set aside – if you just pause the movie, put the iPad down and walk away, the movie will pick up where you left off. Same applies if you close it out and jump to another app. I actually started the movie last night. Played games after pausing. Again today. Then started the movie back up this evening.

Watching movies won’t be my main use, but it will certainly be used for that.  Bringing this along with the laptop on our trips will make things much more fun. Sharing kisses rocks, but sharing a laptop does not.

Netflix may not be the only choice but it’s hard to beat a cheap monthly subscription and unlimited movie watching. I’m anxious to see what the big boys such as Fox and NBC do for viewing.  ABC already has an app and full episodes of shows can be watched.

Are you watching movies on your iPad? Using Netflix? Downloading a burned DVD? What’s your poison?

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