31 Days of iPad Day 12

iPad stand by Veronica Belmont, on Flickr

iPad stand by Veronica Belmont, on Flickr

Having a cat for an iPad stand would rock. Browsing the web might be more relaxing.

Running three sites through their paces might have been more interesting for sure.

Tonight I took the iPad on a tour of three websites. Reviewing the content isn’t key here; playing well with the iPad is.

First up is Blogging Dangerously, recommended by blogdangerously.

Blogging Dangerously displays and navigates very well.

  • Links were easy to finger click.
  • Easy to read font.
  • Works well in both portrait and landscape modes. No fancy resizing but the width is spot on for both orientations.
  • Links don’t jump and surprise.  All but a few links to follow remain in the same browser window. This is a big plus.
  • Black text on white background works well in all lighting.

Overall just as good an experience on the iPad as the laptop.

Second up is Heritage and Freedom Fest site, recommended by Visit O’Fallon.

Fest displays decently and navigates acceptably.

  • Links are distinct in some sections but on certain areas of the page links are too close together for finger tapping.
  • Easy to read font.
  • Works well in both portrait and landscape modes. Again, no special coding just solid simple theme.
  • Links get a mixed rating here. Many links take you off site and jump windows. This is more frustrating on iPad Safari where there is no going back.  Some links are unusable as well.
  • Blue text on white background for the majority of pages. Surprised at how well it works as the text isn’t as dark, but backgrounds are kept solid and light.
  • Useless links – movies are wmv files. These currently don’t play on the iPad. Likewise these wouldn’t play on the Mac without additional software. Note: this will likely not be a liability in future versions of the OS.

Overall this is not as good an experience on the iPad as the laptop. Killer is the wmv files and linking strategy.

Third up is Joy Li, a fashion designer’s site, recommended by tad.

Joy Li displays naturally and navigates very well.

  • Links are distinct and easy to click by finger. Employing a new tactic, the links are mostly double clicks. The first click underlines the link, while a second click actually follows the link.
  • Fonts are consistent and easy to read.
  • Works perfectly in both portrait and landscape modes. No scrolling in either orientation.
  • Links are zero surprise. All links stay within the page. Makes the overall experience more pleasant. The viewer is not jarred out of viewing the page.
  • Text is white on black. Works well as noted on the sites above.

This site gets the gold star tonight.  Viewing on the iPad felt comfortable and consistent.  Bonus points for link navigation approach.

Like to have your site given the once over with the iPad? Drop me a line and I’ll put you under the gun here on the blog.

Want something more in depth? Drop me a DM or email and we’ll work something out.

Disclaimer: this post is not an endorsement of the content on any web sites linked nor of the individuals recommending them. Click through at your own discretion.

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