31 Days of iPad Day 13

Todd Jordan does the MySpace shot

Photography is fun. It’s even more fun tonight with the iPad.

Snapping the photo above took an instant with a Canon PowerShot SD780IS(affiliate link).  It looks good and sharp even if goofy.

Editing in iPhoto is good for simple fixes. Sharpening, cropping, and fixing colors is the order of the day. Making fun things is limited to ordering prints or photo books.

Filtering comes to life though on the iPad with Camera Bag. Camera Bag (listed as camerabag) provides filters, borders, and cropping options rolled into one application.

Camerabag was originally an iPhone application offering a small number of filters and other options. The iPad version offers a growing suite of choices.


- Original – This clears all other filters and returns the image to its original state.
- Helga – Square-format toy camera with washed-out highlights and old-school vignetting.
- Lolo – Shoot from the hip and take life as it comes with vibrant, colorful shots.
- Mono Smooth, refined, balanced black and white.
- 1962 – Dynamic, high-contrast black and white from the photojournalism of a bygone era.
- 1974 – Your father’s camera: faded, tinted, and hip.
- Instant – No need to shake this instant-developing film.
- Magazine – Rich tones for glossy pages.
- Cinema – Dramatic, moody coloring with a widescreen aspect ratio.
- Colorcross – Hazy, chemical color-swapping straight from the darkroom.

Filtering defaults some cropping and border choices.  Crop and border can be changed without removing the selected filter. This allows the Instant format with the Cinema cropping.

Below is the photo from above passed through the Instant filter.

Todd Jordan in an Instant

Texturing, cropping, and an instant photo paper border have been applied with just a touch. Enjoying this application is easy.

CameraBag is a product of Nevercenter. I’m confident that for the price you’ll get more than enough value out of it.  Some reviewers say the application offers too few options. It’s cheaper than the price of a movie ticket and you won’t be done playing with it in an hour and  half. Give it a try today.

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