31 Days of iPad Day 15

Screenshot of Super Mom blog banner

Super Mom blog

Blogging is huge. Everyone from your CEO down to the paper boy has one.  Couple that with 1 million iPads sold in just over  a week. What do you have? Trouble for many bloggers.

Today I had the pleasure to visit Super Mom’s blog. This review was asked for by supermom.

Super Mom displays and navigates well.

  • Links were adequate to finger click without zooming.
  • The font was readable.
  • Works well in portrait and landscape modes.
  • Links don’t jump and surprise. All but a few links to follow remain in the same browser window. This is a big plus.
  • Text color was a bit light for ideal viewing.

Linking stayed onsite for all but the obvious exceptions. Jumping out to sponsor links and other web sites in general was the rule, though this works well here.

One link was an issue as it routed to an aspx page. This format is not supported on iPad Safari.  Not a fault of the blog though but something to keep in mind if you’re linking out to quizzes and such.

Coloring of the text was not a solid black.  Though adequate a darker font would be ideal and make the screen more readable over a range of lighting situations.

Overall I enjoyed visiting this site. Images weren’t a problem, there was no embedded Flash, and there were no surprises.

Unrelated rant follows

I’d like to wrap up today’s blog post with a minor rant on Amazon. Admittedly I shop Amazon frequently and won’t let tonights complaint slow that down. It’s more of a feature request really, to support touch browsing.  Check the following screen shot:

screenshot of Amazon recommended list

screenshot of Amazon recommended list

Notice the red arrow? It’s pointing to a button that’s used to ‘scroll’ the view of recommendations.  The button works the same with touch as it does with a mouse click.

The problem I have is why am I still clicking to make the list scroll.  The system already decided there are forty-four recommendations. The buttons just display blocks of four from the list.  Order is fixed.  Where I’m going with this is why doesn’t it just swipe.

Swipe is soon going to be universal on smart phones of all types. Sooner than later many sites will be supporting touch over clicking. Amazon should be leading the pack and setting the standard for behavior.

I doubt anyone will give up Amazon for a more touch savvy shopping site, but why not be ahead of the pack and draw some positive press.

/rant off.

If you’d like me to take a quick look at the usability of your site, give me a shout in the comments, via @tojosan on Twitter, or drop me an email for a full length review at todd-at-toddrjordan.com.

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