31 Days of iPad Day 16

Fritz's Frozen Custard

Fritz's Frozen Custard by Tojosan, on Flickr

Buying an iPad is like buying the large concrete at Fritz’s.

Asking the question why is just the same?

  • do you really need that?
  • isn’t that pricey for what you get?
  • isn’t the small version just as tasty and cheaper?
  • aren’t you just going to get fat(ter) with that?
  • hey, recession, hey?!

Answering those is tough if you just look at they why nots. Playing with the iPad means less walking.  Buying an iPod Touch is cheaper and mostly the same apps. Tougher questions could even follow.

Telling the truth – need wasn’t a factor.

What swung me over?

  • having money in the bank, hence not buying on credit.
  • it was time for a new computer or computing device. 2 yr ritual with me.
  • scratching the Mac itch is tough without new toys.
  • being at the beginning of something is just dang cool.

Will it pay the bills? Help me lose weight? Be worth the investment?

I can already say it could do all those things and more.  Magic isn’t the trick, it’s opening up possibilities and encouraging play.

No excuses, just honesty. Still want one?  Give the other 31 Days of iPad posts a look and see what you think.

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