31 Days of iPad Day 17

ning-man - man with iPad w/Ning.com sticker on the back

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Ning might rock, but the man in the picture isn’t me.

Browsing with the iPad can me more than just visiting web sites. Touch based applications are fun, but some offer the variety of the web.  Tonight we’re talking about the StumbleUpon app for the Apple iPad.

Stumbling on the iPad is much the same as in the browser. A Stumble button is on the upper left, a topic drop down in the middle, and the famous Thumbs Down and Thumbs Up buttons.

Screenshot of StumbleUpon for the Apple iPad

StumbleUpon iPad Screenshot

Doubtless this screenshot makes the StumbleUpon app really shine.

Crossing the navigation bar from left to right we have the following:

  • Stumble button
  • Back/Forward buttons
  • Refresh
  • Home
  • Topics drop down
  • Information – shows the views, who liked it, and recent comments.
  • Share – email, Facebook, Twitter, Copy Link, Open in Safari
  • Thumbs Down/Thumbs Up aka I like this!

HItting the home button is a surprise. It delivers the viewer to the screen below:

StumbleUpon iPad App screenshot - Home

StumbleUpon iPad App screenshot - Home

Appearing from top to bottom on the left are the Topic selections. This view offers an easier list to scroll than in the main Stumble window. Below My Favorites is partial list of StumbleUpon friends.  Topics, Favorites and Friends provide a left side frame for Recommendations.

Previewing possible stumbles, the user can select any one and be taken directly to that site in StumbleUpon.

Hitting home again after viewing a selection returns the user back to the recommendations previously shown.

Selecting a contact on the left brings up the recommendations based on that friends recent stumbles. Previewing sites in a square replaces the list format on the StumbleUpon site.

Packing the fun of StumbleUpon might seem like a huge task, but I’ll let you in on a secret, most of the app is a browser. Disabling of some links makes it a less than ideal browsing experience, though any page with links is likely to let you browse away.

Including a browser window makes this app no less fun. Stumbling, seeing what your friends like, and giving things the Thumbs Up never gets old.

Have you given this app a try yet? What was your experience? Features you’d love to see?

Note: for those of you into erotica and other adult fun, you might be disappointed. Choosing Erotic Literature and hitting the Stumble button results in anything but that. You’ll be exposed to exciting stories on ice cream, pictures of library books, and Calvin and Hobbes cartoons.

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