31 Days of iPad Day 18

IPad boxed

IPad boxed by Tojosan, on Flickr

What do you want to know about the iPad?

Writing about the iPad is fun. Playing with it is more fun. Thinking of articles to write? Surprisingly frustrating.

Originally venturing into a 31 Day of iPad was about playing with it each day and writing about my experiences.  Reviewing applications is a part of that, as well as dissecting usability. Viewpoint wise, writing about what seems interesting to me, ultimately can be boring for you, the reader.

Today I’m asking you to reach back across the Internet and tell me what interests you about the iPad.

Is there an app you’d like reviewed?

A webs site tested?

A comparison of a couple of apps in a category?

How those video sharing sites stack up?

Some suggestions already came in; maybe some will strike a chord:

  • disabilities and using the iPad
  • long term use of the iPad
  • games and how they play

It’s your call. ¬†What’s driving you crazy about the iPad?

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