31 Days of iPad Day 2

IPad boxed
Above you’ll see a iPad still in it’s box. I wanted to capture it before I’d had a chance to smudge it up. My reflection is clear; the surface still pristine. That lasted all of 10 seconds.

The iPad is like all other touch devices prone to smudges. Placing even the hint of finger tip on the surface leaves oil. Gross right. Truth though is that in most apps you’ll not even notice.

That bit oil makes no difference to how the screen responds. More of a bother is the light plastic cover I’m using. Wrinkles don’t cause miskeys but you’ll have to make sure you press instead of a gentle tap. Normally not an issue unless you manhandle the thing.

Typing. I’m going to be doing more on this than I thought. At first I thought that the virtual keyboard would be tougher, but tipis entire post was typed on the pop up keyboard with the cover in place.

Auto correct is a big time saver on my common typos. It also helps on those long hard to spell words by offering a suggested completed word.

I want to note though that in portrait mode the keyboard is smaller. Beware those with large finger tips. The audible click is nice; I’m reminded of a typewriter. Combining the landscape keyboard with the click actually allows me to type faster than I’d have imagined.

One final note about typing. Beware of letting your fingers stray. It’s way to easy to end up tapping into the middle of the text and suddenly be typing in the wrong place. The virtual keyboard dent lock out the rest of the screen.

Day 2 with the iPad is proving more comfortable. Speed of use is still satisfying. I also swapped my home network and swapping it on the iPad took just a minute.

Please stay tuned for more of 31 Days of iPad. Keep those suggestions for topics coming.