31 Days of iPad Day 22

iPad in the wild - photo of people around table, all on their gadgets, one gentleman is using iPad from Apple

iPad in the wild by Tojosan, on Flickr

(disclaimer: this post is one day overdue)

Bringing out your gadgets in public is the norm.  Whip out the iPhone. Slide out the HTC. Spin up the Droid.

Uncover the iPad…and the game changes.

Tweetups are the worst events for folks bragging about their newest smartphone or tiny camera, but last night the iPad claimed the most attention.

Most asked question, “is that yours?”

Second most asked question, “can I see it?”

Doh. Why not!

I left the iPad out on the table while we ate, chatted, and had a few drinks.  I was able to bring it home in one pice, but there was this spot of ketchup. Ha.

Overheard positive statements:

  • love the screen
  • it’s slick
  • wow, it does that?
  • totally cool

Not the most crushing endorsements, but hey, it was dinner at a bar.

Overheard negative statements:

  • oh, so it’s an overgrown iPod Touch
  • what, no camera?
  • so you can’t make calls on it?
  • isn’t it an expensive toy

Yeah, well, yeah, all of those things are sort of true.  Actually it runs some apps that won’t run on the iPod Touch.  It can make calls, with Skype.  Toy?! Well, um. Anyway.

I’ll be bringing the iPad out a lot more. Browsing, tweeting, watching videos and more just plain works.  Replacing my laptop for outings? Definitely.

What I do most when I’m traveling with a laptop the iPad can do just as well, and in most instances, it’s going to be easier.

Is it replacing the laptop as business tool? Not yet. Though I’m hopeful.

Things I want to see for business:

  • Citrix triggered from Safari
  • Lockout to full screen for an app – essentially kiosk mode
  • True screen mirroring via the VGA adapter
  • More apps taking advantage of Oath to Twitter – (btw, soon forced as Twitter turns off basic authentication)
  • More apps connecting with Facebook
  • More apps with send to email

All in all I see most of these being addressed in the near future. Do I miss having a built in camera? Honestly? No. I carry an actual camera everywhere.

That’s a wrap for me tonight.  Keep your eyes open and your hands free, I’ll be bringing the iPad out in the wild at a Tweetup near you.

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