31 Days of iPad Day 23

Todd Jordan live on Skype via Apple iPad
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Skyp and the iPad

Communicating over the Internet has long moved beyond mere text messages. Skype isn’t even new anymore. Using Skype on the iPad? New and solid.

Using Skype is a regular part of my life. I have recurring meetings conducted over Skype. Until recently, the MacBook Pro has been my weapon of choice.

(note: at the time of this writing, Skype only has an iPhone/iPod Touch app)

Making the call

Launch Skype and you’re presented with a Contact Group list.  Groups range from All Contacts to Blocked Contacts. Selecting Online Contacts behaves as expected displaying contacts with avatar and status.

Tapping a contact brings up a screen similar to the desktop version. Calls can be placed, chats started, and even blocking the user.

Accepting a call is easy as well. Ring ring. Touch the iPad. You’re in the call. Check out the slide show below to see the two versions of the Call In Progress screen.  One version has silhouettes of people; the other has four buttons for muting, placing a call on hold, dialing out and putting folks on speaker.

A big button across the screen is available for ending the call.


During the call I didn’t inform the others that I was using Skype on the iPad. Standard Mac earbuds with built in mic, in the wire, were used.

Becky, Rick, Sheila and Phil, my fellow callers, reported I came in loud and crystal clear.

Experiencing no drops or quality issues on my side was a nice surprise.

Responsiveness was quick and no odd button alignments were noted.

Overall Review

Skype on the iPad just worked. It’s not fancy and it’s essentially full screen. No windowing is used.

All screens are available during a call however though I didn’t test attempting to add someone to the call. I was not the initiator.

Screenshots taken during the call have been captured in the slide show below.

Slides include  Contact Group List, Contact Information, and Call In Progress as well as others.

Buttons are good sized and no selection errors are likely. Chat of course brings up the virtual keyboard.

Deciding if this is for you? Well, if you don’t need a keyboard for your Skype chats, then I’d say this will be a better experience. It easily rests in your lap and weighs significantly less than a laptop.

Have you tried Skype out yet? Regular user on the iPhone? What’s your experience?

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