31 Days of iPad Day 24

Mafia Wars on Facebook - Lottery

Games rock. Playing on the iPad rocks.  Flash on the iPad, well, um, nah.

Adobe Flash isn’t supported on the iPhone, iPod Touch, nor on the iPad. It’s not a device thing entirely. The OS is part of the equation.

Adobe argues that not being allowed to run on the i**** devices is costing them money.

Apple argues that Adobe refuses to use hardware acceleration instead of a software layer.

Playing Flash based games has become common place. Some Flash applications exist beyond games, but chances are you’ve never noticed. Those apps just work.

iPad users don’t miss Flash though. YouTube videos are available, all non-Flash based sites on the net work, including shopping sites, and games, there are thousands.

Bejeweled Blitz is a great example. It’s playable for free on Facebook and other social sites. PopCap ported it to both PCs and Macs. There’s a port of Bejeweled Blitz for the iPad. Guess what? It works without Flash.

Adobe is missing the mark here. Adobe is a giant software firm. Their products are in use by just about every business and personal computer user in the US. I’d wager that reach extends to many foreign countries as well.

Adobe sells software and software tools. When did their lively hood rely upon Flash games and apps?  Also, when did the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch become  the dominant way people get online?

Seems to me Adobe could turn the Apple issue to a benefit:

  • Push unique content and apps to other platforms
  • Drop support for the entire Apple line
  • Continue to make killer photography software, #1 on the market
  • Spin out a hardware acceleration based version of Flash that kicks ass on the i* platform OS. -> wait, that’s a win for both sides. DOH.

Honestly since getting the iPad I’ve not missed Flash much.  The only place I use it consistently is on Facebook to play Bejeweled Blitz. Mafia Wars used to be my game as well, see the shot above, and it used Flash as well.

I’m in favor of putting the kibosh on Adobe product use if a federal suit is filed to force Apple to include Flash support on i* platforms.  How about you?  Can you ditch the cry baby company?

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