31 Days of iPad Day 3

Screenshot of YouTube video played on iPad

Did I get your attention? Hope so. Today is Day 3 of 31 of iPad. Today I’m talking about YouTube and video.

Lots of naysayers out there were up in arms about not being able to watch YouTube videos.  They would not be satisfied with a special iPad or iPhone app.  They wanted YouTube via the browser.  Today they have their wish.

YouTube now offers all their videos in HTML5 format. Flash? What’s that? The screenshot above was snapped on the iPad of a YouTube video playing in the browser.

Here’s what it looks like in the listing view.

YouTube video listing on Safari iPad version

YouTube video listing on Safari iPad version

(note, you probably guessed is was the Improve Everywhere folks)

The video interface is streamlined but not lacking for functionality. You can find related videos or videos by the same person. You have access to your account as well.

This generally behaved well over wi-fi. A couple of the videos didn’t load properly for some reason. Not sure if it was the iPad or YouTube.  I’m sure HTML5 support will improve.

YouTube isn’t the only purveyor of video that’s using HTML5. New sites such as AP and NPR already use HTML5.  Yahoo Entertainment app also supports video, along with Netflix. All in all, enough video for just about everyone.

Cheers and stay tuned. I’ll be blogging about the iPad for several days to come.  Your requests are welcome as well as your experiences.

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