31 Days of iPad Day 4

iPad Words with Friends screenshot

iPad Words with Friends screenshot - picking a game

(this is for my friends asking about apps they play on the iPhone/Touch)

If you love Words with Friends, you’ll love the iPad version even more. Not only is it larger, it’s bright and crisp as well.

Screen swapping is gone.  Overlayed on the board is a popup scrollable window of your current and past games. Scrolling lives on the board as well. Zoom in with a double tap, the view gets bigger and you can scroll around with your fingertip.

Notice the chat button in the upper right? Yeah, by the eyeballs!  Swapping the board is gone here as well.  Now a chat window pops up

Clean and organized exemplifies this version. Breaking the pattern though of other app developers, WWF brings a new face with their iPad version.  This means it’s a different app in the app store to download. It’s also going to cost you $4.99, again possibly.

Love a good word game? Love to play against real people? Love the iPad?

GET THIS GAME-> Words With Friends iPad Version (this week it’s on sale, $1.99)

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