31 Days of iPad Day 5

Man and iPad - man using Apple iPad to read while he sits in the dark

Man and iPad by Tojosan, on Flickr

Becoming friendly is the theme of the day.

The iPad has earned a place in my home that the laptop never did; it comes to bed with me.

Computing on the couch or pillow is fun again.  No keyboard. No mouse. No problem.

Reading news is my #1 application use. NPR, USA Today, AP, BBC, Reuters all have free iPad applications that work full screen.  Unique layouts and features make each app stand out in its own way.

BBC News and NPR are going to be my favorites for now. You’ll never guess why though. It’s not the ease of reading. Wealth of articles isn’t key either.

Sound. Streaming live replaces eye candy with ear candy. Tuning the radio and hoping for the best is a thing of the past. Proprietary site players are gone as well.

NPR provides not just one station but many affiliate stations you can listen live to or listen to regular shows from the archives.  KWMU, the St. Louis public radio station, is on the list. It’s already a favorite while I’m in the car. What’s better than reading the paper and listening live.

BBC provides live streaming rocks for me. Confession time though is it’s not just about the news. It’s about the accent.

Video is common among the news applications. Articles overlap between them as well. Reading in them is easy as well; font size support is in most of the apps.

Which news application will fit your needs best? It likely depends less on article content that what feels right to you as you use it.  USA Today chose a magazine style for instance while AP chose the headlines on corkboard look.

. . .

Which news application did you chose? Did you find one you’d like me to try that I didn’t list?

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