31 Days of iPad Day 6

Running with iPad - illustration of a boy running with an Apple iPad

Running with iPad

Sketching gets fun again with a wide selection of art applications. Running with iPad was created using ArtStudio for the iPad.

Finger sketching harkens back to grade school and finger paints. Painting with fingers never had as many fun tools as now.

Sketchbook and ArtStudio, two of the most popular applications, provide color palettes, brushes, and the ability to save your work.

Doodling comes in on the other end with simpler tools and more of a focus on fun. There are more doodle apps than in many other application genre.

Funny drawings not your thing? Cartooning with real photos is also possible. Cute takes on a whole new meaning when you pair a sketched in mustache on grandma, along with her asking for another cigar.

Drawing mustaches isn’t the end either. Photoshop has a mobile application providing a subset of their full tool suite. Pair that with the camera adapter and magic is just waiting to happen.

Expect to see more sketches from me. Practice makes perfect…right?!

About.com has a great breakdown of Graphic Apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch which includes apps for the iPad.

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