31 Days of iPad Day 8

Apple’s iPad is not ready for prime time.

Apple’s iPad does many things well. It’s great for watching movies or reading a book. Viewing photos is fun as well.

Typing your biography on the iPad is not likely.

The iPad supports a virtual keyboard which any application can make use of. Typing on a virtual keyboard is like a having a scrunched up keyboard with a row of keys missing. Getting a normal typing rhythm going is not feasible for folks with big fingers or typists needing a tactile sensation to get it right.

Purchasing a physical keyboard may work, but then it’s another thing to carry around. How many folks are going to carry that around when the iPad isn’t that big.

Is the future of content creation totally touch and virtual? Who’s to say. For now though many people will see the iPad as just a small step in the right direction.

Some of us though, we are embracing the iPad as a near ideal content consuming tool.

Which describes you?