31 Days of iPad Day 9

We Rule Apple iPad Screenshot

We Rule Apple iPad Screenshot

Game playing on the iPad rocks. There I said it. Sure it’s not a game playing machine alone but why not play games on it anyway right?

We Rule is one of the most popular games available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. April 1st saw the release of a whole new version for for the Apple iPad.

Maintaining a majority of the graphics and game play worked out well. Removing screen swaps makes it a win as a rework.

Overlaying the game screen is reduced to a small popup.  Each button brings up a different window that obscures just the corner of the screen. Real estate that is mostly unpopulated by the game map.

Adding power to that little window works out especially well with viewing neighboring castles. It’s immediately obvious who is connecting on the player’s castle and village and likewise who to choose to visit.

Scrolling is smooth and natural.  Video is clean and sharp. Double tap works as before, alternately zooming in and out.

I recommend upgrading to the iPad version if you already play.

What games are you playing on the iPad?


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