Creating Success – Powering Down

Todd R Jordan: Squared and Tired

Study. Exercise. Practice. Advertise. Connect.

Hearing all of those is enough to wear one out. Doing most of them routinely is exhausting.

Resting is the one least acknowledged and most often glossed over. Setting up for rest is even less talked about. I call that Powering Down.

Powering Down isn’t some magic thing. It doesn’t require mediation training. Lighting candles and incense isn’t universal. Powering Down is what you do to prepare to rest.

I’m going to share some non-magical, mostly obvious, and free tips to powering down. For maximum benefit, start with these a half hour before you intend to rest.

Disclaimer: these work for me and are not medical advice. #justsaying

  • turn off all noise. This includes television, movies, radio, iTunes, and isolating yourself from the screaming kids if you can.
  • turn off the chaos. This is usually tougher. Get the kids to bed. Cut off the evening with friends.
  • turn off the business. Yep, turn it off. Draw a line in the sand and call it quits for the night, or the afternoon.
  • turn off the worry. Worry can kill a rest period. If something is truly bothering you, write it down. Journal it. Record something about it. Give yourself permission to set it aside for a rest.
  • turn off the racing heart. Cooling down the muscles. Breathing regular breaths. Take your anti-anxiety meds.
  • turn off the stomach. Huh? Yep. I’m going to tell you don’t rest hungry. You won’t likely rest unless you’re exhausted if you’re hungry.

All of these have one thing in common, they allow your brain to relax by removing distractions. Most folks thing they’re resting already when the shut off the television and put the kids to bed. Not true.

Your body and mind both require cool down. Preparing yourself for rest is key to maximizing its benefit.

These are just my rituals for cooling down my brain.  What helps you maximize your rest? Maybe you do light candles or burn incense, or perhaps you change into some lounge clothes.  I’d love to hear what works for you.

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