Creating Success – Rise and Shine

What I do to wake up in the mornings

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Quoting Ben Franklin makes one sound wise. Having a rise and shine routine is wise.

Powering down for a good rest or a night in bed is just the beginning.  Jumping out of bed early isn’t the follow up though. Moving and shaking with a purpose at the right time is more effective.

Making your morning great:

  • get out of bed when you’re body is ready. If you can’t wake without an alarm, waking is too early.
  • move as soon as possible. Get your bearings and get moving. Head to the first step in your morning prep.
  • have a routine. Ignore those who say they’re random. Their success is random as well.
  • keep moving. While you’re listening to the weather or traffic, while you’re drinking coffee, while your putting on tie. Motion is key. (this isn’t about health but momentum)
  • don’t randomly pick up the paper, turn on the television or start a big discussion
  • make time to kiss your spouse. Do this regardless of any issues, problems, time constraints, or anything short of a life threatening disaster.
  • prepare for your morning
    • pick clothes out the night before or set up easy options
    • prep the toiletries
    • make breakfast the night before or prep for it then
    • communicate your routine to other members of the household
    • decide ahead of time about showering and shaving

Sounds like a check list? No. You must create your own.

Above all this approach is about momentum.  Momentum isn’t just moving your feet or falling, but it’s about moving with direction, purpose and intent.

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