Creating Success – Taking a break

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Success making is more than keeping your butt in the chair all day.

Managers love to see people in their seats. Sitting in the chair and even moving keys doesn’t result in great work. Brain power drops down over time and never quite recovers without a proper break.

Take breaks from your work? What are some activities or rules you have? Here are a few that have proven useful over the years:

  • don’t take your cell phone with you
  • don’t talk about work
  • do go outside if possible
  • move – don’t just sit at your desk for 10 minutes.
  • stretch – this doesn’t mean popping your knuckles. Raise those arms above your head, do some leg thrusts, rotate your neck.
  • avoid a big crowd
  • avoid noisy places
  • meditate
  • read a book
  • avoid heavy snacks
  • prepping for a rewarding break:
    • have your reading material handy
    • set boundaries for your breaks with others – if you’re planning on meditating on the bench, be sure to let others know you’re not expecting them to join you or strike up conversation.
    • avoid planning errands during your breaks
    • decide where you want to walk
    • bring an umbrella to work
    • record an ‘away’ message on your phone

A common theme here is to avoid working on your break or joining in stressful activities.

Have some better suggestions? Yoga your thing? Should folks avoid smoking?

A successful break routine will make the work day by faster, leave you less stressed at the end, and increase productivity. Take your break today!

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