Guide To Tweeting from Twitter

It's about you! (photo of man wearing shirt saying "props to my tweeps"

It's about you! by Tojosan, on Flickr

If you wrote a guide to Tweeting, a Twitter 101 post, what would you put in it?

Today I asked my Twitter friends that very question. Here’s what they had to say:

  • NickGilham – don’t say anything on Twitter that you wouldn’t say to your mother or your boss.
  • stephintoronto – look up the “top ppl to follow on Twitter lists” from reputable publications that you read ex. @Time, @nytimes
  • techguerilla – carefully hide the fact that you are really an asshole, it works for me
  • CourtneyChesley – I’d also say to relax + have fun. Not everyone needs to be a social media “expert”
  • gloriabell – connect & communicate
  • rockstarima – Follow the experts. Watch and learn how it’s done.
  • suzemuse – listen. Share. Laugh.
  • GlendaWH – Participate in the community, in the conversation. Make it about other people, not about yourself.
  • CourtneyChesley – Just say no to auto DM’s.
  • JWFoss – Not asking to be retweeted.
  • justjanxy – Don’t beg 4 followers.
  • GlendaWH – To jump in and try it! Ignore all the “rules” of others. Just try it.
  • tad – Participate in conversations. Engage.
  • lizscherer – Dive in and don’t forget to breathe.

I wonder what your Twitter friends and you would give as Twitter 101 tips for newbies.

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