Interactive Alice on the iPad via tuaw

(found via tuaw)

Viewing this causes an immediate urge to buy the Alice on the iPad app. It’s $8.99 as I type this.

Erica Sadun of Tuaw had this to say:

I’m not a huge Alice in Wonderland fan but I’ve got to give props to the developers behind this iPad realization of the book. They’ve taken Alice to a new place with their interactive graphics that simulate the kind of reader engagement you’d normally find in a pop-up book. Ben Roberts and Chris Stevens, the people behind the app, seem to have done a lovely job putting this together.

Tapping the iPad’s potential is more than porting the same old tired apps. Reinventing something to bring it to new life is what counts.  I’d say this team has done a swell job of that.  This is the type of app  you buy something like an iPad for.

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