Stories Are Important

Here’s what I’d love to do. I’d love for you to write a quick blog post about the importance of story in your life. That’s it. If you want, link back to, so I’ll see the trackbacks as well.

Living a great life can be talked about, written about, and dreamed about. Living it though is the only thing  that makes it happen.

Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years tells Don’s story or more accurately the story of his life once he decided to get off his couch and live it.  It’s a story Chris Brogan has been ‘ranting about.’

Importance of story in my life has been reborn.  Dreaming of wealth is most common to folks my age. Wealth for security reasons. I dream only of the wealth as a means to move my story along, not as an end in its self.

As a boy, I dreamed of my story ending with me as a famous <insert dream job here>.  There were visions of me in my end days relaxing in a nice house, specifically in my den full of books, in my easy coat.

Moving through my life I not only lost site of that dream but of having lived a story worth sharing. I became a grinder. Just another person putting in their time yet frustrated and yearning for more.

Blogging and social media brought me back.

Blogging reintroduced me to story telling. Sadly I didn’t get it at first. Realization in my offline life though was that I wanted to recapture my life. It took rejoining a real online community to make me see blogging as story telling full on.

Joining Twitter tipped the scales. Interacting with a few kindred souls through the limited interface made it clear there were stories going on; stories screaming to be told via blogs, tweets, and other media.

Chris Brogan, who challenges us here to talk about the importance of story, was one I immediately latched onto for his story. Trying to find his voice characterizes where he was. I’m so glad I’ve been along as he’s ‘gotten off the couch’ and began writing his own story.

Rewriting by accident though was me.  Watching those stories unfold though, and being invited along for the ride really sparked something in me. I had to be part of something more and do more than just sit in a cube and program my fingers to the bone.

Beyond the details I could tell, what’s important is now I’m in a constant state of redefining who I am, and what my story is going to be. It requires thinking beyond the moment. Responding has to come no more from pure emotion or the lizard brain.

Living a story for me has become about building my inward skills and focus but also about building my outward story. Who am I, where am I going, and how can I help you.

Reflecting on this makes me realize it’s time to update my About pages. No more is my story burger flipper to social media enthusiast.  My story is getting back to something beyond day to day incidents or victories. Living is about moving, growing, going, and giving.

My advice is don’t wait for something to get you off the couch from outside of you.  Find something you want to add to your life story and go after it.  It won’t matter near as much if you win a marathon but it’ll matter more that you gave it your best.

Are you building a story or just getting by?

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