Twitter Turning Off Basic Authentication

    hi’re going to be hearing a lot from me over the next 9 weeks. our plan is
    to turn off basic authorization on the API by june 30, 2010 — developers
    will have to switch over to OAuth by that time. between now and then, there
    will be a *lot* of information coming along with tips on how to use OAuth
    Echo, xAuth, etc. we really want to make this transition as easy as we can
    for everybody.

    as always, please feel free to reach out to this group, or to @twitterapi
    directly. if you need help remembering the date -

    Raffi Krikorian
    Twitter Platform Team

Authenticating and Twitter, it’s about time.

Connecting your favorite web site with Twitter often finds you signing your Twitter credentials at that site.  Riskier business could not be done.

Moving to OAuth, xAuth, and Echo is going to leave some folks behind. Being onboard will mean a safer and more standard way  to share across sites.

Does this concern you? How many sites have you typed your Twitter ID and password into?  Will those sites just quit working?

Cheers Raffi. It’s about time.

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