31 Days of iPad Day 25

Music, Glee, the iPad – what do they have in common? Singalong!

Glee brings fans loads of fun on the iPad.  Sing along your gig or digging a more voyeuristic music scene, this app has it.

Start up the app and you’re greeted by the Glee cast. A moment later options appear: listen, join, sing, share.

listen – suddenly you’re soaring over the Earth, radio towers aglow, and sining fills the air. Sadly it’s not the Glee cast but fans like you.

Don’t like a singer, hit the arrows and roll over to the next. Hit the star instead and show some love to the singer. Leaving a comment is a third option, but there’s one more available, JOIN.

Join is what the app is all about. Hit that button, sing along, be a star yourself.

Be kind with your comments before you sing, because you’re on stage now.

Clicking your way around the singers is okay, but the world is literally at your fingertips.

Pinch, squeeze, slide, and the world resizes, spins, and provides a great way jump from one radio tower to the next. Rotating the globe shows more than radio towers, you’ll see live connections between towers. You’re watching duets in progress across the Internet.

Spinning and listening made this app too much fun to put down.

Glee’s other options, join, share, and sing are all ways to drive you to the singalong fun. Song options though are limited.

There’s free singing, labeled as A Cappella, as well as three songs to choose: Rehab, Somebody To Love, and You Keep Me Hanging On.

If you want more choices, you’ll have to purchase them. A few fan favorites turn up here with Like A Virgin, Can’t Fight This Feeling, and Lean on Me.

Fan of Glee? Have an iPad? Get this app today.

SMULE makes several music related applications for the iPhone and iPad. You’ve probably her of I Am T-Pain, yep, that’s SMULE.

Get Glee.

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