31 Days of iPad Day 26

CookieDoodle – made for kids, cool enough for adults.

CookieDoodle guides us through designing, baking, and not least of all eating our creation. Okay, virtual nibbles, fun nonetheless.

Choosing dough starts the fun. Classic cookie recipes are plentiful or choose a photograph. Selection made a blob of dough appears on screen with a rolling pin.

Roll out the dough till it forms a nice rectangle. Finish rolling and the menu slides to the right. It’s time to cut out the cookie.

Select a duck, horse, or other shape or pick your favorite letter of the alphabet. Hardcore gamers can select the knife, cutting a shape free-hand.

Outline showing, click on the dough to make the cut. It’s then of to the oven.

An oven appears at the top center of the screen. Click it to bake your cookie.

Fresh from the oven it’s time to decorate.

Have a sweet tooth? You’ll be right at home here. Sprinkles, candies, and two ways to add icing will make this a favorite part of the app.

Add icing, toss on some M&Ms, and you’re ready to eat!

Kids can save their favorite creations and store them in a cookie jar as well. Made a special one for mom? E-mail her the cookie fresh from the oven.

CookieDoodle is the perfect game for a young child or for an adult to goof around with.

Pick your dough and get rolling!

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