31 Days of iPad Day 27

Unboxing the Camera Connection Kit for the App...

Unboxing the Camera Connection Kit for the Apple iPad by Tojosan, on Flickr

Camera Connection Kit Changed My Life

Okay, that’s a bit of hyperbole but it’s going to change my photography life. Putting aside the “it should have been built in” discussion, let’s get down to brass tacks.

Two dongles are included in the kit. That’s it. No cables. No extra spiffy Apple packaging even. Two plain white dongles.

Dongle one provides a USB port.  Dongle two is an SD slot.

So what’s going to change for me? The ability to offload photos from the camera to the iPad, edit them, and upload to Flickr and Facebook.

Simple? Yes. Satisfying? Very.

Carrying the iPad in with my camera gear is a no brainer.  Significantly lighter than a full blown laptop, and no keyboard to mess are both advantages.

Picturing myself already taking this to the St. Louis Zoo or the City Museum.

What will you do different with the Camera Connection Kit?

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