31 Days of iPad Day 28

iPad in the wild

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Tweetups rock. Bringing an iPad to a Tweetup really rocks. Especially if you let someone with a critical eye take a swing.

Handing the iPad around the group landed it in just such hands. Meet BB.

BB, son of @rockstarima and @aramhamper, has taken time to share his insights about the iPad here on The Broad Brush.

At the end, if you have questions about the iPad be sure to leave a comment, drop me a tweet, or for a more business oriented question, shoot me an email or call.

Q: What’s your name?

Q: How old are you, BB?
A: Seven.

Q: And for our captive audience, can you please describe the setup you have at home?
A: An iMac on my desk, drawing supplies, i have my laptop mounted on my wall.

Q: Cool.  What programs do you like to use?
A: I like the GIMP, Firefox, iTunes, Finder, Adium, and OpenOffice.org.

Q: So, tell us what you like about the iPad?
A: I like the games.

Q: What else do you like?
A: I like how light it is, how sleek–oh, and I really like the Netflix app.  That’s my favorite.

Q: So, what don’t you like about it?
A: I think it needs to have a Flash player–oh, and it doesn’t have a USB port.  You should be able to sync your iPod to it–really it should just function like a Mac.

Q: What type of app would you most like to see?
A: I would something to make the iPad look and feel more like the iPhone.

Q: You mean like an iPhone emulator?
A:Well, you could make work like an iPhone, and make other changes to the interface.

Q: What games do you think would work best?
A: I would love to see some high-end racing games like Gran Turismo 5.  Nice graphics and use of the accelorometer.

Q: How would you integrate the iPad into your current home setup?
A: I could use it to remote into my other computers.  Plus, I’d like to surf from my bed.

Q: I noticed you had an interest in the Calendar app, can you tell us why?
A: I like it’s resemblence to a real calendar.  With a second page you really get a good idea of what you have going on.

Q: is the iPad a ‘must have’ device?
A: Yes.  If you don’t have a computer, I suggest getting one.  And if you *do* have a computer, I suggest getting one.  There’s just so much in one device.

Q: Interesting.  And what would you do for an iPad?
A: I’d trade one of my handmade iPads.

Q: Oh, that’s right.  I forgot about your handmade iPads.  Apple is a fierce competitor.  Can you tell us what makes *your* iPad superior?
A: It comes from the heart.  I draw what I see.


Thank you BB and your parents. Hopefully soon you’ll have an iPad of your own. Until then, be sure to drop by and give me some feedback.

FYI, I loved BB’s version of the iPad. Slim, portable, and had good color balance.

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