31 Days of iPad Day 29

Apple's iPad Case - the box

Apple's iPad Case - the box by Tojosan, on Flickr

The case arrived a few days ago. Having seen one before I received it, I knew what the material was like as well as how it sits in different positions.

Things to note about the case:

  • there is no screen cover – the glass remains exposed
  • it’s rubber of some sort and sliding the iPad in/out requires some effort
  • gunk accumulates under the edges of the case on the screen – use lint free cloth, like you clean your glasses with
  • feels solid – honestly
  • getting to the sync port – easy
  • getting to the mic and the on/off switch – easy
  • getting to the orientation lock and volume control – a tiny bit difficult – they are not flush with the edge of the case
  • folds well
  • stands well
  • no pockets – this is a downside for me – I love to stuff stuff in my cases
  • adds very little size to the iPad
  • non-skid and fits tight
  • looks good
  • shows dirty well – it’s the material and the color

Is it the best case? Now that I couldn’t say. Cases at the local Apple store ranged from simple pockets to full blown pocketed folders with zippers. ┬áPrices varied greatly from the $20 or so bunch to those near $60.

In the wild I’ve seen the standard Apple case, a simple sleeve case, and one other zippered carrying case.

My ideal case?

  • available in different colors
  • has pockets on the inside flap
  • zipper or latch
  • other than rubber
  • easy access to all switches, mic, etc
  • optional space for carrying sync/charge cable

These aren’t huge requirements though a reasonable price tag wouldn’t hurt.

Final question about cases.

Is it okay to put stickers on them? The MacBook Pro case is covered in stickers. What’s your take? Stickers good or bad?

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