31 Days of iPad Day 30

iPad applications installed - screenshot

iPad applications installed by Tojosan, on Flickr

How much does an iPad cost? Figuring take home cost is just the beginning.

Demo the iPad and invariably people stop drooling and ask about the apps. Gone are the days of asking how difficult the install is. Question #1 is how much for that app.

Showing off the iPad today resulted in one ‘how much’ after another. One hundred plus apps installed takes that out of the trivial.

In the spirit of coming clean, I’m providing a list of apps and their cost. This will not be all inclusive but should cover a sizable portion. Costs reflect current iTMS app price.

This is by no means all the apps I have installed, nor all of the payed for apps.  What I’ve tried to capture is apps that the average person might install. Note some of the ones people expected to cost are actually free or cheap.

Bolded items in the list are personal favorites. Get them. Be happy.

If you’ve got your own recommendations, be sure to add them in the comments are ping me online.

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