A social media expert walks into a bar

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So I asked my Twitter friends to finish the joke for me, “A social media expert walks into a bar; he orders a ….”.

Here’s what they had to say:

CocktailDeeva:Wait..what is a social media expert doing out in public?

lizscherer: a shot of humility

RobynsWorld: he waits to order until he polls on twitter asking what be should order.

chrisheuer: only one thing to order, a Me-tini, because if they think they are an expert, they are probably putting the ME in media everyday

StLLegend: influence

ldupin: a wifi hub to tweet his order. / a team to build a collaborative cocktail./Guru music.

MichaelStanisci: (shot of wild turkey in under 140 characters)

dan_munz: redesign with more drop shadows.

RexDixon: tweet’zoo (like a baltimore zoo, only with a bird stirrer!)

AMP_Agency: He orders the same thing @Mashable ordered

karirippetoe: a mashup martini.

chrisheuer: put it on my browser tab! (Chris couldn’t ¬†figure out who came up with it, so I’m giving him credit.)

theslynch:he…blames the Google goggles.

Genuine: orders everyone a drink and then tries to find out how to monetize it.

jennifertyree: He orders a c-um shot!!! (its a drink, but for a guy to order it, is kinda weird!!lol)

WDWFieldGuide: Via is iPhone & waits until he has an audience to drink.

What’s your best punch line? Leave a comment or tweet it out.

Cheers, and hey bartender, I’ll have a…

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