Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year from Noobart.com (sketch of couple dancing under a Happy New Year banner)

Happy New Year from Noobart.com

Happy New Year from our family to yours!

Taking stock of 2011 it was a year of blessings, both welcome and not so much.

My brother, Taggart, has gotten worth with his ALS. Currently he can control just one eye. He’s unable to speak or communicate other than with a letter card held by his wife.

Jeff Pulver hosted #140Conf in neighboring Kansas. I spoke and was wowed by many others.

Bring a tweep to lunch had its third year. New faces, new restaurants, and some interesting new tastes. Can you say Habanero infused tequila?!

A ruptured disc rounded out the end of my year. Surgery took place the day before Thanksgiving. The collar is off on December 27.

What was your year like?  What stuck with you the most? A lesson learned? A person you met? A challenge you faced?

Leave a comment. Send a Tweet. Blog about it. Go.Love.Share.

Quick video treat:

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