No Tweeting While Driving Or Working

We’ve all heard “Don’t Text or Tweet While Driving.”

Seth Godin want’s us to go one better.

I don’t think you should text while working, either. Or use social networking software of any kind for that matter. And you probably shouldn’t eat crunchy chips, either.

Aside from crunchy chips, I’m totally there about texting or tweeting while working.

But why no texting or tweeting?

You’re competing against people in a state of flow, people who are truly committed, people who care deeply about the outcome.


Or at least everyone is else competing whether you’re making an effort or not.

The principle at work here is distraction. Lots of us would miss the point here because we’re already distracted by something else, email. Email is the number one distraction of knowledge workers.

Until recently, email was the heavyweight of distractions.  Smart phones have upped the ante.

Smart phones today provide for text messaging, another route for emails, and social networking tools. Checking Facebook is no longer an evening activity. Tweeting out your lunch plans can now be done from the cube or even worse, the conference rooms.

Distractions affecting just you, I can live with those most of the time. Distractions interrupting that meeting about the million dollar project; I’m not so tolerant. I’m not keen on you texting or tweeting while I’m trying to engage you in conversation.

Yes. I’m old fashioned and I’m comfortable with the company.

Go. Work. Prosper.

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