FlipFace Avatar for Japan

Need an avatar makeover?

Love something with a freaky cartoon style?

Flipface is for you!

Len Peralta, Monster by Mail, has the following campaign going on for Japan relief:

For a limited time, when you order a Flipface avatar from me, $5.00 of the order will be donated to the Japanese Relief efforts. This goes for Original Flipfaces, Black and White and Zombie Flipfaces. I will also (by request) draw it in an anime style. All you need to do is go to Flipface.me, type in the words “HELP JAPAN” in the special instructions. That’s it. It may not seem like much, but it’s a small way to reach out and help in this time of suffering.

Visit FlipFace today and get your manga style avatar and provide relief to our Japanese brethren.

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