How to feel like a king at South by Southwest

@tojosan beard trim at SxSW by @evokesalon

@tojosan beard trim at SxSW by @evokesalon

This is what makes a man feel like at king at SxSW.

The team from @evokesalon were on the scene in Austin to trim and tease for the ordinary and the mavens.

Obviously I’m a maven as @GaryVee got his done second.

Evoke Salon can be found on the web at These guys brought the tools and the skills, not only trimming me up, and freshening Gary Vaynerchuk, but making over several ladies in between.

It made a splash in the bloggers’ lounge, lightening things up a bit while people watched and wondered.

Would I submit to a public trim again?! You bet. Bring it on Evoke!

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