Name That Tattoo Contest


“JUST BREATHE”, my first tattoo. It feels right to start planning for my 2nd.

Once again, I’m seeking your advice. This time I want to go beyond asking a few friends directly. How about we crowd source? As a bonus, let’s make it a contest of sorts.

I invite you to begin by reading my About page and the @tojosan bio. Couple that with a healthy dose of what I tweet and blog about and you’re on your way.

I’m looking for either a very short phrase or single image that you feel embodies who I am, what I love, or what I believe in.

Bonus? You don’t have to nail it!  I’m going to reward one person and suggestion with a Amazon gift card/code worth $25.

Just complete the form below and submit. Your entry will be recorded and you’re entered. Comments don’t count. Tweets don’t count. Just fill in the form.

You can enter once per day. I’ll be double checking.  Entries due by midnight CST April 9th.



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