Quick and Dirty Tips for SxSW Attendees

SxSW - the bag

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Heading to SxSW for the first time? You’ll want to check out these quick and dirty tips from some recent attendees. Most of these apply to any conference over a day in length or with multiple tracks. Do you have some quick and dirty conference tips?

SxSW Tips:
Carry water, protein bars and a sweater. Think back-pack style. Get used to sleeping on the floor. – @DavidBaeza

Great sliders at The Driskill, great place to hang. Roppollo pizza by the slice on 6th, The Hilton lobby rocked too. – @fusedlogic

Make your most important meetings over breakfast. Only time of day you can totally control. – @cc_chapman

Well if you go to the bridge over to the Hyatt at sundown, you can watch the 1.5 million bats come out from under it. – @shawnmcpike

Double book yourself for everything so that you always have a back-up plan. – @PeevedMichelle

3) good shoes 2) cold bottled water 1) portable phone charger – no phone = nonexistence – @carybranscum

Choose sessions that help you achieve your biz goals and that you aren’t already an expert in. – @georgemanty

Show up, find out where you want to start, then trust the SW wind will take you from there. – @CommercialScott

Sleep before you go, no time to sleep at the #SXSW. That’s our dirty tip! – @evokesalon

always be charging (both body and phone!) – @pepsi

review speakers/panels ahead of time. Even if you pick 5 in same timeslot, know options, then choose on the fly. – @SheilaS

Guilty pleasure: grilled cheese sandwiches at convention…real Austin blues at Antones. – @1680PR

my best tip is to not have a plan and make sure you bring your own power cord like this Belkin http://t.co/wMPHEE@clickflickca

And to round these out, how about a tip or three from you?

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