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Smoker King

Serendipity is about the unexpected. Things unfolding outside your control often seems frightening to think about but that’s required for serendipity.

Heading to Austin meant more than SxSW this time. Local friends pinged me offering to hang together outside the conference.  The visits weren’t overly planned; we even had problems connecting in person after talking on the phone just minutes before.

Chaos didn’t get in the way though.  On Sunday, Anne and her family managed to make it to the convention center and scoop me up.

Anne took me on a photo jaunt to a local park.  Grabbed a bunch of great shots.  After that, it was off to lunch.  Art’s was the choice of the day; it’s a well known rib and bbq stop in Austin.

We came, we ordered, we ate.

Anne and I stayed behind to grab some photos of the restaurant and some local musicians gathering behind the business.  While she walked her family out, I was standing at the back door, when I was suddenly spoken to by the gentleman above.

“Would you like to see the smoker,” he asked.

He led me back through the kitchen past cutting boards, pots, pans, sinks and the like. Then we arrived at the smoker room. Wow!  It smelled good out front but here I was bathed in the aroma.

It turns out him and another guy work the smoker basically 24/7. He’s the early morning shift and was smoking meats for later that day.

I’ve included a few snapshots below for your mouth watering pleasure.



Art's Smoker Meats, Austin, Tx


meat close up in the smoker at Art's in Austin, Tx


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