Understanding Exposure Journey

Damaged Spring

Understanding Exposure – considered a definitive book on use of a DSLR and getting exposure down to a science.

I’ve owned the Canon 400D (XTi) for several years. Thousands of photos behind me, it seems I’ve still got lots to learn. This is where Understanding Exposure and the South by SouthWest (SxSW) conference came to my rescue.

Amazon had been recommending Understanding Exposure to me for a while now. It was only recently I noticed a Kindle version. Heading to SxSW, Canon in tow, I downloaded Chapter 1 and started reading.

Hundreds of photos later, and capping out with the one above, I was sold on getting the whole book.

Bryan Peterson, the author, updated the book in August 2010, with a fresh look at digital SLRs. It’s an easy read, but you have to wade through trying some things with  your camera before he reveals why this or that combination worked well or didn’t. Readers are encouraged to follow along with camera in hand, as Bryan walks through camera settings, where to find them, and what they mean.

I may not take a perfect picture every time, but this book has already led to  my best work to date.

If you like the photo above, or some of the other shots in my Flickr stream, do consider purchasing Understanding Exposure*.

* – affiliate link

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